The Dixie D in 1967



St. George, Utah

D-Week is a chance for Dixie State College alumni, students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community, to come together in a reunion setting for a week of activities. Various activities and events are held on and around the DSC campus.


The roots of D-Week date back to 1914, three years after the college's founding.

One of the traditional events during D-Week is the whitewashing of the Dixie "D" on the Black Hill [mesa] on the west side of St. George.

Another annual event during D-Week is the Great Race. The inaugural Great Race occurred in 1971, but it origins can be traced back as early as 1964, as a bicycle race around the Black Hill near the airport. The first official Great Race included such events as motocross, horseback riding, and tubing down the Virgin River. Community growth and safety concerns eventually forced the race to the friendly confines of the DSC campus. In addition to the traditional running, biking, and swimming, Great Racers now have to negotiate, among other things, a slip n' slide track, a roller blade course, a Dixie trivia question, and a mud pit throughout the 10-leg relay course.

D-Week traditionally wraps up with a D-Day Dance followed by the annual "True Rebel Night" event held at midnight at the fountain.

"Celebration of 'D' Century" was the theme for the April 11-16, 2011 D-Week.


The Great Race Mud Pit
The Great Race Mud Pit
      Whitewashing the Dixie D
      Whitewashing the Dixie "D"

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