Brigham Young McMullin Home



Leeds, Utah


10 S. Main Street
Leeds, UT 84746


This lot was occupied by Joe McCleave when Leeds was first settled. Brigham Young McMullin bought the lot from B. C. Boren.

Willard G. McMullin, B. Y. McMullin's father, built this one room rock house during the summer of 1881. The house has rock walls 18 inches thick and the ceiling is 9 feet high. The man responsible for the beautiful finished woodwork in the Salt Lake Tabernacle was brought down to do the finish work on this home. He did a beautiful job here also.

After Brigham & Ada McMullin moved in, they added four more rock rooms. One of the four rock rooms has been made into a bathroom and hallway. More rooms have since been added for convenience and to modernize it. A dining room and kitchen made of lumber have been added. Stucco was put on the outside walls to cover the rock and make a more modern look.

While Brigham was bishop of the Leeds Ward, many LDS church leader stayed at this home. Among these were Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith, and Heber J. Grant. This home became known as the "Mormon Hotel". The hotel across the street was for paying guests and the "Mormon Hotel" was for nonpaying guests. It is said the Butch Cassidy slept there. Lucy Young Gates, an opera singer on her way to the Opera House in St. George, stayed with the McMullins and put on a recital in this home.

Ethyl McMullin George eventually returned to Leeds and lived in the B. Y. McMullin home.

This home had remained in the family, including Joanne George Thornton, granddaughter of Brigham & Ada McMullin and daughter of Ethyl McMullin George.

Dorthy Mauk purchased the home from Joanne George in 2007 and was the first non-McMullin to own the home.

Brigham Young McMullin
Ethyl McMullin George
Joanne George Thornton
Dorthy Mauk


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Brigham Young McMullin Home
Brigham Young McMullin Home
      Brigham Young McMullin Home in 1995
      Brigham Young McMullin Home in 1995

WCHS photos:
WCHS-00699     2010 photo of the Brigham Young McMullin home in Leeds


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