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Finding data on the website

This website is very large with thousands of subject pages, so just browsing throught the website is not a very effective way of finding desired information. So a number tools have been provided to help you find what you are looking for. Becoming familiar with these tools will pay off in saved time and reduced frustration when looking for particular information.


Data on the website is grouped into categories. The major categories and certain key subjects are listed in a column on the left side of every subject page. The "Miscellaneous" and "Histories" lists are the same on every subject page.

In addition, many pages have an additional list called "Related Pages" which appears above the "Miscellaneous" and "Histories" lists. The "Related Pages" list is unique to each subject page and will have links to data that is relevant to the current subject page. and is.


There is a "Subject Index" with a link on the left side of every subject page. The Subject Index has an alphabetical list of sujects on the website and the entries in that list will link to those subjects.

This list is not automatically generated and so may not be complete. But it is extensive. If you are looking for a subject and don't find it in this list, contact the webmaster and a new entry will be added if appropriate.


The "Search WCHS Site" link on the left side of every subject page will bring up a search window. Entering a phrase will do a Google search for that information, but looking just on this website. Complex phrase structures can be entered using the normal syntax for Google searches.

If the results list is long, check the bottom of each display page for the numbers of additional pages.

Note that Google adds a little advertising or other extraneous information at the beginning of the results list.


Normal text on website subject pages is black. Blue text which turns red when the cursor passes over, is a link to a related page. You can right click on that link to go to another subject page or display a document.