Clover Valley



Lincoln County, Nevada


37° 34' 24.5" North Latitude,   113° 42' 14.8" West Longitude
37.4535° North Latitude,   113.7041° West Longitude
5,369 feet (1,637 meters) MSL

Directions from Enterprise, Utah
Odometer     Instruction
      0.0 Go west through Enterprise from the intersection of Highway 18 and 219,  37.5737 N 113.7045 W
    12.8 Pass the Terry Ranch on Crestline Road,   37.6044 N 113.9059 W
    14.2 Oiled road stops and the dirt road continues,   37.6055 N 113.9275 W
    17.4 Turn left onto Enterprise Road,   37.6117 N 113.9817 W
    18.2 Turn right onto a continuation of Enterprise Road,   37.6029 N 113.9900 W
    21.9 Cross a cattle guard at the UT/NV border,   37.5939 N 114.0528 W
    28.0 Turn right onto Beaver Dam Road,   37.5426 N 114.1301 W
    30.9 Cross the railroad tracks,   37.5451 N 114.1811 W;   curve to the left
    33.3 Cross a cattle guard,   37.5436 N 114.2197 W
    33.5 Take the left fork onto an unnamed dirt road,   37.5433 N 114.2226 W
    35.7 Turn left onto Hafen Way and go down into Barclay,   37.5249 N 114.2504 W
    36.7 Turn left onto Mustang Road and arrive at the old Barclay School,   37.5126 N 114.2504 W

Map of the territory around Clover Valley




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Clover Valley
WCHS-01665     Photo of Barclay (Clover Valley), Nevada

Other WCHS photos:
WCHS-01666     Photo of the Lyman Wood home in Barclay (Clover Valley), Nevada
WCHS-01667     Photo of the Lyman Wood home in Barclay (Clover Valley), Nevada
WCHS-01668     Photo of the root cella at the Lyman Wood home in Barclay (Clover Valley), Nevada
WCHS-01669     Photo of the well behind the Lyman Wood home in Barclay (Clover Valley), Nevada


Brief History of Clover Valley (Barclay) Lincoln County, Nevada
by L. Kelton Hafen

Notes for a Washington County Historical Society field trip to Barclay, Nevada 5/4/2013
by Richard Kohler

The Woods Family of Clover Valley, Nevada 1869-1979
Book compiled by Orilla Woods Hafen, Mary R. Edwards, and Elbert B. Edwards
For the Woods Family Genealogical Committee, Boulder City NV, 1979
[Note: This is a large file and may take some time to load]