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St. George, Utah

The St. George Marathon is a USA Track and Field Certified and Sanctioned race held the first Saturday in October each year. The marathon begins in Central UT and ends at Vernon Worthen Park in St. George. Many runners are drawn to this race as a result of the area's stunning natural beauty, while others compete in the event to qualify for other races such as the Boston Marathon or New York Marathon. Runner's World magazine has included the St. George Marathon in the Runner's World 10 Most Scenic Marathons, Fastest Marathons, and the Top 20 Marathons in the USA; calling it one of four "marathons to build a vacation around."


Starts in Central, Utah.
Goes down SR-18 to St. George.
Then southeast on Diagonal Street to 300 West.
Down 300 West to Tablernacle.
East on Tabernacle to Main St.
South on Main St. to 300 South.
East on 300 South to Vernon Worthen Park.

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November, 1977   (1st Annual)
The first St. George Marathon was started by Sherm Miller of the St. George City Parks and Recreation Department
57 runners (38 finished)

1978   (2nd Annual)
378 runners

1979   (3rd Annual)

1980   (4th Annual)

1981   (5th Annual)

1982   (6th Annual)

1983   (7th Annual)

1984   (8th Annual)

1985   (9th Annual)

1986   (10th Annual)

1987   (11th Annual)

1988   (12th Annual)

1989   (13th Annual)

1990   (14th Annual)

1991   (15th Annual)

1992   (16th Annual)

1993   (17th Annual)

1994   (18th Annual)

1995   (19th Annual)

1996   (20th Annual)

1997   (21st Annual)

1998   (22nd Annual)

1999   (23rd Annual)

2000   (24th Annual)

2001   (25th Annual)

October 5, 2002   (26th Annual)
4228 runners (2507 male and 1721 female)

October 4, 2003   (27th Annual)
4437 runners (2643 male and 1794 female)

October 2, 2004   (28th Annual)
4584 runners (2720 male and 1864 female)

October 1, 2005   (29th Annual)
4612 runners (2664 male and 1948 female)

October 7, 2006   (30th Annual)
6,700 runners were selected by lottery
4762 runners (2731 male and 2031 female)

October 6, 2007   (31st Annual)
5152 finishers (2928 male and 2224 female)

October 4, 2008   (32nd Annual)

October 3, 2009   (33rd Annual)
7,200 runners were selected by lottery from 10,510 applicants
Brought approximately 20,000 people to Washington County spending about $2.5 million
The Race Operation Manager was Kami Ellsworth

October 2, 2010   (34th Annual)

October 1, 2011   (35th Annual)

October 6, 2012   (36th Annual)
7,400 runners were selected by lottery.
Fritz Van De Kamp won the race with a time of 2:21.14.
Amber Green, the first St. George resident to win the women's event, won with a time of 2:43.00.

October 5, 2013   (37th Annual)

October 4, 2014   (38th Annual)

October 3, 2015   (39th Annual)

October 1, 2016   (40th Annual)

October 7, 2017   (41st Annual)

October 6, 2018   (42nd Annual)

October 5, 2019   (43rd Annual)

October 3, 2020   (44th Annual)
Canceled due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic

October 2, 2021   (45th Annual)

October 1, 2022   (46th Annual)




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