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Huntsman World Senior Games
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The games are held in and around St. George, Utah. Competition begins on the first Monday after the first Saturday in October of each year and go to the Saturday of the following week.


The Huntsman World Senior Games, as it is known today, began in 1987 as the World Senior Games, an international senior sports competition. Founded by Daisy and John H. Morgan, Jr., the Games began with their vision of an international sports event for men and women ages 55 and better. Both agreed that the golden years were better when good health and physical fitness became a way of life, not an occasional hobby.

In 1989 Jon M. Huntsman, Chairman of the Huntsman Corporation, became the Games' principal sponsor after recognizing that the Games not only fostered lifetime fitness, but also expanded Utah's economic vitality. A proud supporter of the Games, the Huntsman family continues to open the Games personally, with a warm welcome to the athletes and the lighting of the torch in traditional Olympic fashion during the Opening Ceremonies.

Since its inception, the Games have been open to all men and women meeting the age requirement. The second year of the Games the age requirement was reduced from age 55 to age 50 to include more athletes and to encourage those looking at retirement to become involved in a personal fitness program or team sport.

A small full-time staff works year round and is joined by more than 2,500 eager seasonal volunteers to host 27 athletic events over a two-week period each October. Headquartered in Southern Utah, the Huntsman World Senior Games has become a renowned event among serious athletes from Japan to Russia and from Alaska to Australia. Scores of countries have participated in the Games, where peace among nations is fostered through friendly competition.

In addition to athletic events, the Games promote health by providing life saving health screenings for cancer-breast and prostate. Screenings also detect other serious health threats--glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and decreased bone density. Volunteer medical and nursing students assist with the screenings and generous sponsors provide diagnostic equipment and services.

Band concerts, dances, and awards socials for each sport are also part of the package, bringing athletes and guests together in a social atmosphere where they share in, and congratulate each other for, their achievements. This important aspect of the Games emphasizes the celebration of success for all participants, whether or not they win a medal.

An overview of the Games would not be complete without mentioning our volunteers--thousands of adults, youth, and children who donate innumerable hours to make this two-week event a treasured experience for all. From sport directors to entertainers, each volunteer plays a valuable role in the success of the Games.

As time marches on, the Huntsman World Senior Games will continue to host this one of a kind celebration promoting worldwide Peace, Health, Friendship, and as founder John Morgan reminds us, "Fun! Don't forget the Fun!"

1st Annual,   October ?-??, 1987

2nd Annual,   October ?-??, 1988

3rd Annual,   October ?-??, 1989

4th Annual,   October ?-??, 1990

5th Annual,   October ?-??, 1991

6th Annual,   October ?-??, 1992

7th Annual,   October ?-??, 1993

8th Annual,   October ?-??, 1994

9th Annual,   October ?-??, 1995

10th Annual,   October ?-??, 1996

11th Annual,   October ?-??, 1997

12th Annual,   October ?-??, 1998

13th Annual,   October ?-??, 1999

14th Annual,   October ?-??, 2000

15th Annual,   October ?-??, 2001

16th Annual,   October ?-??, 2002

17th Annual,   October ?-??, 2003

18th Annual,   October ?-??, 2004

19th Annual,   October ?-??, 2005

20th Annual,   October ?-??, 2006

21st Annual,   October ?-??, 2007

22nd Annual,   October ?-??, 2008

23rd Annual,   October ?-??, 2009

24th Annual,   October 4-16, 2010

25th Annual,   October 3-15, 2011

26th Annual,   October 8-20, 2012

27th Annual,   October 7-19, 2013

28th Annual,   October 6-18, 2014

29th Annual,   October 5-17, 2015

30th Annual,   October 3-15, 2016

31st Annual,   October 9-21, 2017

32nd Annual,   October 5-20, 2018

33rd Annual,   October 7-19, 2019

34th Annual,   October 5-17, 2020
Canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

35th Annual,   October 4-16, 2021




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2020 Huntsman World Senior Games canceled due to COVID-19 concerns
Article by Hollie Reina, St. George News, July 31, 2020