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St. George CCC Camp, Utah


SE-213 (later PE-213), Company 961, was based at the St. George CCC Camp.
They also had work assignments at ...

Also see the map of CCC camps in Washington County.


Shem Dam was a project of the U.S. Forest Service, which oversaw its design and construction, but all of the labor to build the dam was provided by CCC Company 961, based at Camp SE-213 (later known as Camp PE-213) in St. George. Construction was underway by February 1, 1934 and preliminary work at the dam site had probably begun a month earlier. In April 1934, Company 961 relocated to another camp for the summer, leaving the dam project unfinished. The company returned to the St. George camp in October 1934 and continued to work on the dam over the winter. In February 1935, the superintendent of the CCC camp told the St. George newspaper that the dam was complete: "Monday, February 4th, saw the last cement poured into its construction. A crew of a few men will be used for the next week or ten days in finishing the last construction details."


St. George CCC Camp in 1938
WCHS-00495     St. George CCC Camp, May 22, 1938

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Historic American Engineering Record, Shem Dam (Winsor Dam), HAER No. UT-96
Prepared by Scott O'Mack, William Self Associates, Inc.,
    for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
March 2016, 96 Pages (see pp. 4-5, 20-22)
[Large file, so this may take a while to load]

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Washington County News, February 1, 1934

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Washington County News, April 5, 1934

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Washington County News, October 18, 1934

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Washington County News, February 7, 1935