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Pine Valley, Utah

The Pine Valley CCC Camp was also know as F-17.


The Pine Valley CCC Camp was located on the present site of the Pine Valley Ranger Station.
37° 23' 24" North Latitude,   113° 30' 43" West Longitude
Elevation 6,553 feet above MSL

See the map of CCC camps in Washington County.


Project F-32 (Company 4777) and Project F-17 (Company 1335) were stationed at the Pine Valley CCC Camp.

Company 4777 (Project F-32) was stationed at the Pine Valley CCC Camp during the summer of 1932 (first enrollment period). Then in October of 1932 it moved to the Leeds CCC Camp for the winter.

The camp's assignment was to construct roads into forest lands and to build fences, public camp grounds, camp sites, water lines, picnic tables, and trails.

On the first day of June 1933, the camp was disbanded and all the men were sent home, except for a few that were placed in other camps.

Some of the original CCC buildings remain and in use for the Forest Service Ranger Station. One CCC built home on the property has been moved to St. George and is still in use there.

Company 4777 personnel:
Chief Ranger in Pine Valley
    Ben Swapp
Camp Superintendant
    Alma T. Nelson   (from St. George)
Army Doctor
    ??? Seacat
Men from Cedar City
    Lloyd Higbee
    Albert Jensen
    Guy Lee
    Lester Lee
    John U. Leigh
    Elmer Mathensen
    Albert Nelson
    Conway Parry
    Lenord Smith
Men from Parawan
    Claud Adams
    Harvy Adams
    Vivian Bennett
    Edward Burton
    Edward Davis
    Barnard Decker
    Ivan Decker
    Woodrow Decker
    Al Dobrusky
    La Verl Gurr
    Bensen Haycock
    Rulon Pendleton
    Elden Smith
    Bernard Stubbs
    Edward Ward
    Edward Wilcox
Men from Paragonah
    Moris Dunton
    John Lister
    Merril Lund
    Chester Robinson
Men from Santa Clara and St. George
    Wesley Atkin
    Clawson Frei
    Frank Fiest
    Torry Fiestler
    Lloyd Gubler
    Frank Rebber
Other Men at the Camp
    Lloyd Anderson
    Ross Borchart
    Benhard Kennedy
    L. A. Lenkow
    Max Mitchell
    Jack Parker
    ??? Hayer ???
Overhead Men for Camp
    Hartley Black
    B. Y. Bunnell
    ??? Cannon   (from St. George)
    Lawn Christensen
    Auto Fife
    Edwin Higbee


Pine Valley CCC Camp
Camp as it looked in 1932
        Tent at the Pine Valley CCC Camp
        Tent at the camp in 1932


Book: "With Picks, Shovels & Hope: The CCC and Its Legacy on the Colorado Plateau"