Front of the Store



St. George, Utah


41 N. Main Street
St. George, Utah 84770

Telephone ORchard 3-2471     in the 1958 telephone book     (McArthur Jewelers)
Telephone ORchard 3-2471     in the 1961 telephone book     (McArthur Jewelers)
Telephone 673-2471                 in the 1972 telephone book     (McArthur Jewelers)


The idea of McArthur Jewelers was born when World War II had just ended and Tom McArthur was stationed in northern Italy. He went on leave to Switzerland where the clocks and watches intrigued him. He decided to pursue a career in selling and servicing watches and clocks.

Upon Tom's return from the war, he enrolled in a watchmaker's school in Sacramento, California using the "GI Bill". After graduation, he began working for Steadman Jewelers in Murray, Utah.

In 1950, Tom P. & Fae Dalton McArthur moved their little family down to St. George, their home town. They opened McArthur Jewelers on May 4, 1950. The location was on Main street next to the Dixie movie theatre because, he thought, "the people will leave the movie theatre holding hands, they will see my diamond rings tempting them, and she will let him know the one she wants." The store has been at that same location ever since.

The store grew and changed over the years. In 1968 a major addition and remodel added more than double the space.

In 2007, another remodel took out all of the old cases and interior. They put in custom-made wood cases, shadow boxes along the walls, stairs, and a ramp.

Three generations of family have worked at the store. In 1972, Tom & Fae's son, Tom Jr., came on full time moving down from BYU. His dad asked him to come help just for the summer, and as Tom Jr. said, "the summer never ended." In 1983, Tom Jr. and his wife, Allison, contracted to purchase the business and building from the "folks" taking the business to the 2nd generation. Their daughters, Keena, Megan, and Malea worked in the business.

McArthur Jewelers closed in January of 2016. It was acquired my Jeremy M. Young & Megan Hatch Young and the name was changed to Forever Young Fine Jewelers.


Front of the store
WCHS-01548   Front of the store
        People inside the store
        WCHS-01549   People inside the store

Inside the store in 1960
WCHS-01554   Showcases in 1960
        Inside the store in 1960
        WCHS-01555   Showcases in 1960

Tom & Fae McArthur Family
WCHS-01551   Tom & Fae McArthur Family
        Tom & Fae
        WCHS-01550   Tom & Fae
        WCHS-01552   ???

Wadsworth and McArthur Buildings
Wadsworth and McArthur Buildings in the early 2000s

Other WCHS photos:
WCHS-01553     Advertisement for McArthur Jewelers
WCHS-01556     Photo of an old display case at McArthur Jewelers
WCHS-01557     Photo of an old display case at McArthur Jewelers
WCHS-01558     Photo of an old display case at McArthur Jewelers


History of McArthur Jewelers

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