Homespun Cookbook



Leeds, Utah


Leeds, Utah


The Homespun was an obscure, but highly praised Southern Utah restaurant. It was very popular among people traveling from L.A. to northern Utah. Food was served family style.

It was owned by Herbert & Cecelia Ludwig. Cecelia was the cook and Evan Ludwig was one of the waiters. Occasionally Herbert's sister, Hildegard Scheuber would help Cecelia with food preparation and accompany Cecelia on shopping trips. Cecelia had cooked for royalty in Europe and had restaurants in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Salt Lake before retiring to Leeds. The Ludwigs sold the restaurant in the late 1970s.

Cecelia Friedericka Diekers Ludwig was born in Germany January 5, 1907 the daughter of Peter Diekers & Martha Guse. She married Herbert Johannes Ludwig on August 8, 1931. Cecelia died in Cedar City, Utah on February 15, 2001 and is buried in the St. George City Cemetery, Plot D-10031.

Herbert Johannes Ludwig was born March 14, 1907. He died April 22, 1995 and is buried in the St. George City Cemetery, Plot D_10030.


Homespun Cookbook

Herbert & Cecelia Ludwig       Cecelia Ludwig


"Castle Cook"
Article by Ann Whiting Allen, Deseret News Food Editor
The Deseret News, April 26, 1988, Pages F1 and F2

"Cooking by Instinct"
Cookbook by Cecelia F. Ludwig

"Recipes for Royal Dining: Cecelia Ludwig's Cooking by Instinct"
Cookbook by Cecelia F. Ludwig with Carrie B. Henderson
Hurricane, Utah: Homestead Publishers and Distributors, 1987
ISBN: 093165128X / 0-931651-28-X
These recipes were served at the Homespun. The Back cover is filled with signatures of famous people who frequented the restaurant. The beginning has a quote from Robert Redford basically saying that if someone wanted to eat really well on that route, they would starve were it not for Cecilia. It includes a brief and interesting life story.

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