WCHS-00619 Bicycles Unlimited



(previously Pittman's Spoke and Pedal Shop and then Larry's Spoke and Pedal)


90 South 100 East           (northwest corner of 100 South and 100 East)
St. George, Utah 84770


The original adobe building was used for a repair shop. It had one bay for taking in autos. Some of the original adobe still exists under the current facing.

In the spring of 1972, Ed Pittman leased the building and set up a bicycle shop called Pittman's Spoke and Pedal Shop.

In 1973, Ed arranged with the property owner to build an extension on the north end of the building to his specifications. This almost doubled the size of the building. Ed's lease was extended in conjunction with that addition.

Sometime around 1978, Pittman sold the business to Larry Jessup, who changed the name to Larry's Spoke and Pedal.

In the spring of 1984, Mark McLaughlin bought the business and renamed it Bicycles Unlimited. He purchased the property and made a number of improvements. The wall dividing the north and south half of the building (the north wall of the original building) was taken out in 1988. Later, a two story addition was added to the rear of the building. Bicycles Unlimited is still in operation today.


Bicycles Unlimited
WCHS-00618     Bicycles Unlimited building looking northwest

Bicycles Unlimited
WCHS-00620     Bicycles Unlimited building looking southwest

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WCHS-00619     Photo of the front of the Bicycles Unlimited building
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WCHS-02516     Photo of the back side of the Bicycles Unlimited building in St. George