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The following videos deal with the history of Washington County.
Movies made in the county have been listed in a separate list.

A Temple Dressed in White - St George

VHS (2001) and DVD (2003) from Temple Hill Videos
P O Box 900134, Sandy UT 84090-0134

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Part 2 of 6 on YouTube
Part 3 of 6 on YouTube
Part 4 of 6 on YouTube
Part 5 of 6 on YouTube
Part 6 of 6 on YouTube

Ancient Navigation: The Tools & The Methods

On this DVD, Al Matheson explains the tools & methods used by people to navigate before we had modern technology.
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Atomic Tests In Nevada: The Story of AEC's Continental Proving Ground

This 25-minute film was produced in 1955 by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). It talks about the AEC's atomic testing in Nevada and the expected effects on St. George.
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Death Valley Days: Sego Lilies

This 26-minute episode of the Death Valley Days TV series first aired on April 28.1953.
Robert Hutton played David H. Cannon and Sally Mansfield played Wilhelmina "Willie" Cannon as they adapted to their new life in St. George.

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From Depression to Destiny, The CCC in Southern Utah and the Arizona Strip

Produced by D/ASIA and Dixie State College of Utah.

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History of Healthcare in Washington County

A 34-minute interview with Elwood Harrison
Recorded on November 29, 2012

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Liquid Desert

An overview story of water in Washington County.

Produced in 2011 by the Center for Media Innovation for the Washington County Water Conservancy District (WCWCD).
Executive Producer: Phil Tuckett
Director: Ian Crowe
Director of Photography: Luke Draper

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My Father's Highway: Building I-15 Through the Virgin River Gorge

This video debuted at the DocUtah Film Festival in September of 2014.
It is a documentary about the construction of I-15 through the Virgin River Gorge.
It is the epic story of an impossible road built on an improbable route and the people
who overcame every obstacle, even death, to make sure it happened.

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Ranger Bart Anderson Presents:
    Ghost Towns of Southern Utah
    History of St George Utah
    Indian Troubles

DVD from the Utah Humanities Council, 2004

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To watch "History of St George Utah", click here.
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Rebels Forever

The story of football at Dixie State College of Utah.

Produced by the Dick Nourse Center for Media Innovation for the Dixie State College of Utah.
Written, Directed, and Edited by Phil Tuckett
Director of Photography: Ben Braten

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The 2005 Santa Clara - Virgin River Flood
Images of Loss and Home

DVD produced by Hal Hilburn and Bryce Hunt

The Dixie Cotton Mission

A VHS video by Brigham Young University, 1996

The Hurricane Canal

Video by the Sons of Utah Pioneers, Hurricane Chapter, 2006

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The Mountain Meadows Massacre

A 55-minute video about the Mountain Meadows Massacre
including interviews with Dixie historians Karl Brooks and Lyman Hafen.

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The Spanish Trail

On this DVD, Al Matheson gives an information packed talk on The Spanish Trail.
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Utah in the 50's: St George / Cedar City

DVD from KUED 7 in Salt Lake City UT

Weird Tales III: The Pioneer's Lost Trunk

A Ted Faye documentary about a group of 1849 pioneers who took off from the Old Spanish Trail at Enterprise and headed west in an attempt to find a shortcut to California.

This video was filmed in northwest Washington County and released on DVD in 2009.

For information and clips, see http://www.goldcreekfilms.com.

100 Years of Caring in St. George Utah

A brief history of the hospitals in St. George by the Dixie Regional Medical Center.

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