Juanita Brooks




(teacher, historian, author)


Juanita Brooks was born (1898) and raised in Bunkerville. Her father was Henry Leavitt and her mother was Mary Hafen.

She married Ernest Pulsipher (1919) just over a year before he died of throat cancer. They had a son together.

Juanita got a bachelor's degree from BYU.

She settled in St. George and became an instructor of English and dean of women at Dixie College, a position she held until 1933. She became the stake Relief Society president.

While at Dixie, she was able to take a sabbatical to earn a master's degree from Columbia University. She wouldn't normally have had enough senority to get the sabbatical, but it didn't pay much and noone else could afford to take the sabbatical.

Juanita married widower Will Brooks in 1933. He brought four sons to the family and together they added a daughter and three more sons.

She took up historical research and writing. She served on the board of the Utah Historical Society.


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Juanita Brooks signing a book in 1967
SUU-0018     Juanita Brooks signing a book in 1967
      Juanita Brooks lecturing


The Mountain Meadows Massacre
by Juanita Brooks

John Doyle Lee: Zealot, Pioneer Builder, Scapegoat
by Juanita Brooks

Journal of the Southern Indian Mission: Diary of Thomas D. Brown
edited by Juanita Brooks
175 pages
Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press, 1972
[Note: This is a large file and may take a while to load.]

Quicksand and Cactus: A Memoir of the Southern Mormon Frontier
by Juanita Brooks


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