Erastus Beaman Snow





Erastus Beaman Snow was born in Salt Lake City on May 10, 1853.

Eliza Crosby was born in Salt Lake City on December 30, 1854. Her parents were Jesse Wentworth & Hannah Elida Baldwin Crosby.

Annie Stafford was born in Walton-on-Trent, South Derbyshire District, Derbyshire, England on April 27, 1867. Her parents were Joshua Stafford and Eliza Dennis.

Erastus married Elida Crosby on Oct 5, 1874 in St. George.

Erastus married Annie Stafford Condie on February 24, 1885 in St. George.

Erastus died in St. George on September 20, 1900 and was buried in Plot A_J_192-3 of the St. George City Cemetery.

On October 29, 1906, Annie married George Condie in St. George.

Elida died in Salt Lake City on September 20, 1919 and was buried in Plot A_J_192-2 of the St. George City Cemetery.

Annie died in St. George on May 4, 1948 and was buried in Plot A_J_192_1_EH of the St. George City Cemetery.


Parents and Siblings:
    Erastus Snow
    Artimesia Beaman Snow
        Sarah Lucina Snow
        James Snow
        Charles Henry Snow
        Mahonri Moriancumer Snow  
        Artimesia Snow

        Erastus Beaman Snow
        Franklin Richards Snow
        Mary Louisa Snow
        Moroni Snow
        Orson Pratt Snow
        George Albert Snow

(11/9/1818-5/27/1888)   (married 12/13/1838)
(1/21/1841-4/11/1928)   (married George Washington Thurston)
(1/4/1847-1/22/1913)   (married Cornelia Lytle and Harriet Orilla Peters)
(2/8/1849-4/21/1925)   (married Franklin Benjamin Woolley
    and Daniel Seegmiller)
(5/10/1853-9/20/1900)   (married Hannah Elida Crosby and Ann Stafford)
(9/21/1854-4/22/1942)   (married Lucy Simmons and Leah Rebecca Clayton)
(5/13/1858-1/18/1935)   (married Emma Adelaide Gates)
(3/28/1860-2/11/1929)   (married Sarah Elizabeth Blackner)
(10/31/1863-12/15/1939)   (married Effie Luvera Stoddard)

First Wife and Children:
    Hannah Elida Crosby Snow
        Elida Artimesia Snow
        Erastus Beaman Snow Jr.
        Jesse Snow
        Leo Alva Snow

        Josephine Snow
        Lawrence Crosby Snow
        Eliza "Lyle" Fix Snow
        Marian Snow
        Anna Ivans Snow

(12/30/1854-9/20/1919)   (married 10/5/1874)
(11/2/1875-11/7/1955)   (married Peter Joseph Jensen)
(11/24/1877-4/3/1946)   (married Rosina Christina Gregerson)
(9/5/1881-7/1/1963)   (married Penelope Thompson Bleak,
    Lula Pendleton, and Marva May Spence)
(11/11/1883-4/13/1959)   (married Chauncey Sandberg)
(5/2/1886-3/25/1943)   (married Ida Matilda McArthur)
(10/1/1889-10/11/1980)   (married Joseph J. Jensen)
(4/29/1895-8/9/1976)   (married Thomas Earl Clements)

Second Wife and Children:
    Ann "Annie" Stafford Snow
        Lulu Stafford Snow
        Eldon Stafford Snow
        Leona Stafford Snow
        Harold Stafford Snow
        Lillian Stafford Snow

(4/27/1867-5/4/1948)   (married 2/24/1885)
(8/29/1887-5/7/1927)   (married Arthur William Anderson Sr.)
(8/7/1891-4/15/1954)   (married Mary Lavier Baker)
(6/6/1894-6/9/1964)   (married Marion Severene Albrechtsen)
(7/8/1897-7/7/1972)   (married Lydia Ellen Hopkins)




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