Dixie Medical Center




St. George, Utah


544 South 400 East
St. George, UT 84770

Most of the city block between 500 South and 600 South and between 300 East and 400 East, excluding the medical office building on the northwest corner.


In May of 1972, Washington County residents passed a bond for construction of a new hospital.

In 1975, the Dixie Pioneer Memorial Hospital was expanded to accomodate regional growth and became the Dixie Medical Center. The new $4.5 million facility opened on January 1, 1976 with 65 patient rooms.

In 1976, Washington County selected Intermountain Healthcare (IHC) to purchase and operate Dixie Medical Center. It was the first hospital purchased by Intermountain Healthcare (IHC), the newly formed nonprofit organization created to take over the hospitals previously owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The $2.65 million deal was concluded in August of 1976.

About 1978, a switchboard was installed inside the old drive-thru Emergency Room entrance on the north side of the building. It had the names of the 35 physicians practicing at the hospital, including:
    Chauncey Adams MD (Chief Medical Officer)
    Craig Booth MD
    Tom Callahan MD
    Neal Capel MD
    McKay Christian MD
    Norman Fawson MD
    Garth Last MD
    Gene Latimer MD
    Kent McDonald MD
    Alpine W. McGregor MD
    M. K. McGregor MD
    Carlisle Smith MD
    Clark Staheli MD
    Steven VanNorman MD
    Richard Wintch MD
    Glen Wyler MD
    ??? MD (Anesthesiologist)
    Ivan Dunlap, CRNA (the only non-MD on the switches)
Each physician would flip a switch by his or her name to alert dispatch and the nurses that they were in the hospital. It also lit up lamps at the telephone switchboard that Phyllis Hoyt dutifully staffed for many a year. It was used for about four years before being replaced by pagers. The switchboard was eventually covered up, but remained in place. During a remodeling of the staff lounge in the Spring of 2010, this switchboard was uncovered for a few days before being covered over again.

In 1983, there was a $12.2 million expansion. At that time there were about 225 employees at the Dixie Medical Center.

In 1990, the facility was renamed Dixie Regional Medical Center (DRMC).

This hospital was replaced in 2003 by the new Dixie Regional Medical Center - River Road Campus. This old hospital was retained as a supplementary DRMC 400 East Campus.




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