Thomas Judd's Store



St. George, Utah


62 West Tabernacle
St. George, UT 84770-3420


Judd's Store is the oldest ongoing business establishment in St. George. Until it taken over by the Green Gate Village, it was the oldest family-owned business in St. George.

Judd's Store was constructed and opened in 1911 in front of the house Thomas Judd purchased from Joseph Bentley in 1908 and across the street from the new Woodward School. It was built of the same thickness of locally manufactured adobes that had been used in the home. Thomas Judd bought out the inventory of the store maintained by the Bentley's in the Pratt-Bentley Home. At some point, it was connected to the front of the house, but that connection was later removed to restore the store to its original condition.

The store was very successful, carrying general merchandise, and catering to the needs of the sheep and cattlemen which were numerous in early days of Dixie.

When Thomas' son, Joseph Judd, took over, he continued to run the store but boarded up the rest of the structure. The store remained in the Judd family's possession until 1982.

At that time, the city wanted to condemn the store and turn it into a parking lot. Cooler heads prevailed and Dr. Mark & Barbara Greene purchased the building making it into a focal point of their Green Gate Village. A Preservation Easement was granted to the Utah Heritage Foundation (now Preservation Utah).

The store has been restored and is still open today. To step into Judd's Store is to step back in time. Particularly outstanding is the ceiling which the Greenes rescued from another business establishment of pioneer days, Snow's Furniture Store, which was located one block to the east.


Thomas Judd's Store       Thomas Judd's Store with a gas pump out in front
      WCHS-001503   Store with the old gas pump

Other WCHS photos:
WCHS-00554   Jon Bowcutt sketch of the Judd's Store
WCHS-04222   Photo of an old car in front of the Judd Store on Tabernacle in St. George


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