John D. Lee



(early settler, church official)


John Doyle Lee was born September 12, 1812 in Kaskaskia, Illinois. He joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon Church) in 1838. He moved out to Salt Lake City in 1848. Then in 1850, he was called to accompany George A. Smith down to settle in Iron County. He was the Washington County Probate Judge in 1856. In 1857, he was a principal involved in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. He served a term as a member of the Utah Territorial Legislature in 1857-1858. Lee maintained a residence in Washington City for about 13 years. Then in 1872, the Church sent him down to establish what became know as Lee's Ferry crossing the Colorado River. In 1874, he was arrested and tried for leading the Mountain Meadows Massacre - the trial ended in a hung jury. He was tried again in 1877 and sentenced to death. Lee died (executed by firing squad) March 23, 1877 at Mountain Meadows, Utah.

Wives (he was a polygamist):
      Aggatha Ann Woolsey
      Nancy Bean
      Louisa Free
      Sarah Caroline Williams
      Abigail Shaffer Woolsey
      Rachel Andora Woolsey
      Polly Ann Workman
      Martha Elizabeth Berry
      Delethia Morris
      Nancy Ann Vance
      Emoline Vaughn Woolsey
      Nancy Gibbons
      Mary Vance Young
      Lavina Young
      Mary Leah Groves
      Mary Ann Williams
      Emma Louise Batchelor
      Terressa Morse
      Ann Gordge
He had 67 children.


John D. Lee in the Territorial Legislature         John D. Lee

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1877 photo of John D. Lee at the time of his trial


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